About Us

Hi its so nice to have you here and to share the journey of Dolliedup with you. Dolliedup has been a magical way for me to share my passion for simplifying beauty and hair with beautiful Dolls like yourself. 

I come from very humble beginnings, my story is a mosaic formed by the colorful history of the generations of strong women that preceded me. My grandmother was single mother of five. She gave birth to my mother, her youngest, when she was only 23. Being a single mom is still not ideal today for many women, in some places it is still taboo. So over 50 years ago it was largely frowned upon. Making it sophisticated and glamorous in those days was a difficult undertaking. Yet somehow my grandmother did it gracefully and if you asked her how she would credit it to her ability to make herself and the women around her beautiful. She made friends and a career that gave her more support than she could ever dream of.

Growing up my mother loved the world of beauty and hair. She lived a simple life and beauty, especially hair, was an escape into an unattainable world where she could be anyone she wanted. So she started her hair business at 19 years old doing........ you guessed it At 25 she had me. Now is when I come into the glamorous world of hair and extensions. I was born a natural boss since birth day 1 began strategizing my company Dolliedup. I wish.....if your conjuring images of a tiny woman in business suit onsie erase all that, erase it.

I was a rebel. I did academics, sports, I tried everything else but learn my mother's craft. I didn't learn to three strand braid until I was.... honestly too old to comfortably admit. I was a tender-head who couldn't sit still for a style to save my life. I hid in treetops on the Sunday afternoons that were meant to do my hair. The effort that beauty required didn't appeal to me. As a young woman I started to realize how valuable and powerful hair maintenance is. A woman's entire countenance, her entire world could me impacted by her hair.

My Ahah moment was discovering that hair wasn't what I resisted. The look, the feel, the power it holds in connection to our feminine  energy and its ability to help communicate to the world and part of our self expression and chosen identity. I was resisting the work, the effort it took to achieve something that should be painless and fluid as our moods. How we feel on anyday should reflect in our hair as easily as it does in our clothes. Whether it is a bold statement piece for the world to adore or the pair of lace underwear we threw on before work as a private "you are sexy" reminder to ourselves. 

So since that moment standing in front of my bathroom mirror 3 seconds pre epiphany, blow dryer in hand and completely over trying to style my hair. I say to every woman who has ever felt that way, I feel your pain, I can relate. Now fast forward 3 seconds later, post epiphany, my entire future was changed in those three seconds and to myself and now to you I vow to make the process of maintaining stylish beautiful crowns easy, painless and as fast as those 3 seconds in my bathroom mirror.